Zipcar: How do you convince people in the U.S

Client Background
Zipcar is an American car sharing company that was founded in 2000 and a subsidiary of Avis Budget Group. It specializes in renting out fancy cars by the hour or day for its members called ‘Zipsters’ so as to eliminate their hassles of urban car ownership and save their money. Nowadays, their services are provided in more than 250 cities all over the world and the numbers of Zipsters as of June 2015 were more than 0.9 million.
Broad Issues
• Membership requirements. There are many rules for an individual to become a member of a car share program. Most services require a driver to be at least 21 years old and have not been involved in a motor vehicle accident or received a moving violation in the past year.
• Insurance may need to be supplemented. It happens because many car-sharing programs provide only the minimum automobile insurance required by the state, sometimes not sufficient to cover an individual in the event of an accident.
• The vehicle you want is not guaranteed to be available when you want it.
• Mileage limits. Car share plans typically impose additional costs and fees for exceeding mileage limits. Therefore, the cost effective solution for a long trip is typical to own a car or use a traditional rental car service
Specify Problems
• Insurance liability coverage is little. Insurance liability is just 300,000 per incident, no matter how many people hurt. For the driver who is under 21 coverage is even lower.
• Lousy customer service. Customer service gets horrible. By customers’ reviews, this company recently considered as ‘for-profit’ company. Nowadays a lot of complaints of overall lousy service.
Give Recommendations
• They must improve their service. Regarding taking responsibility and being more available for their clients who use their service and when something gets wrong no response or don’t want to take responsibility for it
• To control the cars, they are renting regarding cleanness and technical problems
• Open more places* where people can leave the car instead of coming to the same place, which is very uncomfortable. (*Open more places = Invest renting parking lots)
• The pre- trip planning in comparison to car2go which let you take any car at any time makes it very uncomfortable and people hates to waste time especially in a city like NY.